Boujee \\\ Luxurious in Lifestyle Yet Humble in Character

To fully grasp the story, you first must meet the four unique characters behind the creation of the brand.

1. The Boujee Cat Behind the Brand

Truffles \\\  A purebred Siberian, he was born in Minnesota and was personally flown to his new owners in New York. While many cats are spoiled, he is treated like royalty. He enjoys fresh tap water, which he sips directly from the faucet. With his four limbs raised to the sky he is regularly greeted with belly rubs upon human arrival. He commonly dines on organic fresh salmon and fresh roasted chicken. He is model material and the type of cat that ad campaigns are made of. It is his world entirely and everyone just lives in it! He enjoys full run of his habitat. To maintain his model and boujee status, his personal mobile groomer is a regular visitor. Truffles may not appreciate temporary removal from his habitat that the mobile spa requires, but the results are well worth it. While work and travel often require his parents to leave town, he is always tended too. With Truffles’s well-being of utmost concern, he has never spent a day alone in his life. He has a full-time staff of live in cat sitters, both near and far, on-call at all times. Some of his care takers are part of his paid staff; others offer to watch him just to be in his presence. His owners do their best to share the wealth when it comes to spending time with his royal kitty highness.

2. The Boujee Cat Dad

Michael \\\  The New York native is a Wall Street financial advisor by trade and his friends have nicknamed him “Versace Mike” and  “Mikey Cristal.” This big-hearted, handsome Leo is never seen without his wife Jules, his entourage, his golden tan and his designer sunglasses. Usually dripping in ice and Versace, life is always a runway, an event, a party. Jet setting around the world, he stops people in their tracks and attracts fans who want photos with him at every turn. But don’t be fooled by the intimidating fashion and fierce looks on social media, his heart is gold, his sense of humor unmatched and he shares all his wealth and love of travel and fun with all his closest friends. Truffles is lucky to have him as his human. He spoils Truffles with the best of the best and showers him with so much love. This cat dad and his cat are quite the duo.

3. The Boujee Cat Mom

Jules \\\ The Texas native, who has traveled the world, is a US Navy veteran. Upon completing her service, she became a Le Cordon Bleu chef/restaurant owner. Using her entrepreneurial skills, she founded the successful Yoga Nanda franchise. And after discovering the lack of quality yoga mat bags, she designed and created a line of mat bags under the corporate name of Dasi J. Jules loves to design, create and build. A typical Cancer, she pours her heart into everything she does. Blessed to have found her soul mate 12 years ago, she and her husband Michael are a dynamic, loving duo, the type that fairy tales are made of. While you won’t find her dripping in ice or Versace, she is always dressed on-trend by Michael’s side. Loving the looks of athleisure wear and lux classics, you will typically see her in the likes of Off-White, Agolde Denim, chunky sneakers and pretty much anything trending on Revolve. Truffles is also lucky to have her as his human. She takes great pride in loving and spoiling him! Every toy, bowl and cat accessory is selected to his liking and all matching their stylish home. Michael often teases her by asking “What would you have done if Truffles was an orange cat and didn’t match the house?” Anyone who knows her knows that she would have spoiled him just the same.

4. The Boujee Friend

Big Marv \\\ Currently, personal security for an A-list, multiple platinum recording artist. Big Marv is a longtime friend of Michael and Jules. Standing 6’7” and weighing 350 pounds, he walks with a high level of swag. When not working his regular security gig, he is often found in exotic locations with Michael and Jules. Big Marv has an infectious personality and is full of life. Rocking the looks of hip/hop culture, having him around usually attracts a crowd. When Truffles first met Big Marv, he was scared by his deep, loud voice and large presence. Years later, the two now share a loving relationship despite Truffles weighing about as much as one of his hands. Marv has always been shook by Truffles’s boujeeness and his royal lifestyle.

The Story

It was the first week of December 2019. Michael, Jules, Big Marv and a few other friends were off to Atlanta to support their friend who was competing in the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant. Despite the early hour, the squad was ready to take JFK by storm.  Never one to lower the group average, Michael was dressed to the nines in his typical airport gear of Versace sweats, Giuseppe sneakers, diamond chains and a faux fur jacket that he calls his Tristan Thompson jacket. Straight to the bar, Michael ordered the mimosas and the boomerang cheers were in motion!  Big Marv, doing what he does best, flagged down a jitney (airport cart), informing the driver that his clients would like a ride to the gate. Michael of course wanted a photo of himself in the driver’s seat, and before long a full photoshoot broke out.

Just then it happened. Big Marv turned to Michael and said for the first time: “Cuz, you boujee, boujee like your cat!” which set everyone off in laughter. As the trip carried on “Boujee like your cat” evolved into “Yea no, I’m boujee like my cat” to boujee like “his cat,” “her cat,” “their cat,” etc… everything was boujee like a cat!

After days of using the saying, Jules arrived back home and began the process of designing apparel using the slogan as the focal point.   With this premise, she wanted to separate the collection from the current, kitschy cat merchandise on the market. She decided she wanted to embrace the streetwear casualization trend.  Her goal was to build a luxe FELINE LABEL that would cater to the boujiest of cats and their humans, and offer an unparalleled variety of styles, comfort and creativeness.